One Struggle Statement in Solidarity with #ConcernedStudent1950

One Struggle KC stands in unwavering solidarity with the brave students of #ConcernedStudent1950. The racial violence and trauma experienced by the Black students, students of color, and marginalized students on the campus of the University of Missouri is consistent with the uninterrupted legacy of racism and racial violence in the state of Missouri. This is a history that includes the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Dredd Scott case where the court held that Black people, though born in the United States, were not not citizens thereof, and therefore were not entitled to all the rights, privileges, and protections of U.S. citizens. That legacy of racial oppression in Missouri extends all the way to the present, where we find the heart of the worldwide movement against state violence in Ferguson, Missouri.

Racism is a denial of the full humanity of human beings based on the color of their skin. The University acted in the spirit of the Dredd Scott decision and the legacy of racial oppression in Missouri when it refused to fully acknowledge and address the racial trauma being experienced by students at MU. It denied its students their full humanity.

We, in Kansas City, know full well the impact of uninterrupted oppression that is rampant in Missouri. In Kansas City we have a Black mayor and a Black police chief, but accounts of racism and police abuse still flow freely. This is how we know that the issue is systemic and requires radical change.

We stand with you in your brave efforts to hold University of Missouri authorities accountable. The days of turning a blind eye to racism, and the trauma that flows from it, are over.

We salute you on your victory of the removal of University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe. We also understand that this is just the beginning. We are prepared to continue to stand with you and assist in any way in your continued efforts to tear down the systems that uphold the status quo of racial oppression at MU and throughout the entire state of Missouri.

Salute to the Homecoming Parade demonstrators. Salute to Jonathan Butler. Salute to the Tigers football team. Stay strong, for you are on the right side of history.

In Solidarity,
One Struggle KC


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