URGENT: 4 days left, 1skc needs $1100! Defend KC activists TODAY!

We will fight for freedom! Will you stand with us?

Systemic racism disrupts lives every day; not only does it disrupt, it kills. On December 20, 2014, One Struggle KC shut down I-70 East for 30 minutes. Seven courageous people were arrested in a symbolic attempt to call attention to the devaluation of Black and Brown lives in our society and to call for an END to the the current system’s turn-a-blind-eye treatment of police officers who kill unarmed civilians. The killing of Black and Brown people by police must never go unanswered. We must never stand down. And we need everyone who can, to stand in solidarity with us as we continue this fight. You can do so here: http://bit.ly/1strugglekcdonate

Video of the arrests starts at 9:40

December 20th was a relatively small disruption in the lives of motorists on I-70 compared to the way the lives of people of color are disrupted every day by police brutality, racial profiling and death at the hands of police. The seven persons arrested called out with their bodies that Black lives do, in fact, matter! That night, thanks to you, we were able to bail every single one of them out of jail, totaling $460. Charges ranged from “Failure to use a sidewalk,” to “Hindering, fleeing, and resisting arrest.”

Since the action on December 20th, One Struggle KC has worked with the 7 arrestees to raise funds for legal fees and fines, because we feel that when you’ve put your literal body on the line for justice and liberation, we’ve got your back. In the last few months, our wonderful legal team at Hastings O’Connor LLP is trying to work their magic and is attempting to get some charges reduced to small fines, and get the more serious charges dismissed. Their goal and our goal is to keep folks out of jail. Here’s where you come in – despite our efforts at each one of the events and actions we’ve spearheaded since December 20th, as well as our calls for donations on here, we’ve come up a bit short. We are truly grateful for those who have contributed thus far. That has allowed us to cover the fines assessed by Kansas City Municipal Court, which totaled $512.50.

Even at the deeply discounted rate for legal services that we received, we still need to raise an additional $1100 in the next seven days to settle our bill with the lawyers. Freedom (and justice) ain’t free! So we’re calling on you one more time to help us reach this goal. No one should be hindered from exercising their right to criticize their government merely because they cannot afford legal services or fines assessed by a court. Help us make sure that these folks are able to get back in the streets with us and speak truth to power! Click here to contribute. We thank you in advance for anything you are able to give.


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